Terms and Conditions for our 360Story.net Sweepstakes


The organizer of the competition is 360 STANDORTMARKETING AG based in Ermatingen, Switzerland. By participating, you agree to the following conditions of participation.

What can you gain?

With your participation, you have the opportunity to win a voucher for the respective region.

How can you win? They automatically participate by uploading video messages regarding the target destinations. However, your participation is only active after a video uploaded by you has been reviewed and approved by us.

Who is allowed to participate?

Participation is allowed and free of charge to any natural person over the age of 14 and requires an active 360Story user profile. Participants under the age of 18 require the consent of the legal guardian, which is required by the operator. Automated raffle services and raffle clubs are excluded from participation.

Who is not allowed to participate?

The operator reserves the right to exclude individuals from participation, provided there are valid reasons. These include, for example, the violation of present conditions of participation, manipulation and / or illegal contributions that contain insults, false facts, trademark, competition or copyright infringements. The operator reserves the right to take legal action if necessary. When do the draws of the respective competitions take place? The sweepstakes are permanently active. Draws are made several times a year.

When and how is the draw?

The end of each raffle will be announced in good time on Facebook and sent to the participants once again via the newsletter. After completion of an action, the winners will be determined on the same day by means of an independent lottery.

How do you learn about the profit?

The results of draws will be announced in a timely manner of each competition play via Facebook, and newsletter. In addition, they can also be published through the channels of 360Story.net, 360Tourist, participating companies and local partners.

How do you get the profit? 

After the winner has been announced, he will receive a receipt and a voucher from the sponsor. The participant authorizes the operator to pass on his data to participating companies, tourism partners and the operator of 360Tourist.net.

What happens if you do not answer or are not available?

If the winner is not available or does not contact the sponsor of his prize within 14 days, the claim to the prize will be forfeited. If this case occurs, a new winner will be drawn from all participating participants. This is also the case if it would not be possible to send the prize by specifying incorrect or incorrect data regarding the contact address.

Privacy Policy

All data collected in the competition will be used by the operator to carry out the competition and to send out newsletters. In addition, the data will be passed on by winners and the respective sponsors of the winnings for further processing.

Release Facebook

This competition is being conducted by 360 STANDORTMARKETING AG. Facebook has no connection to this competition. Therefore, Facebook is not available as a contact for this competition. All questions in this regard are to be submitted directly to 360 STANDORTMARKETING AG.


360 STANDORTMARKETING AG reserves the right to modify, modify or terminate competitions at any time. Circumstances that can lead to this are e.g. Disturbances of the raffle due to force majeure, legal reasons, technical reasons (eg hardware or software errors) or manipulation of the raffle by third parties. 360 STANDORTMARKETING AG shall not be liable for any consequences arising out of participation in the Sweepstakes and outside its area of ​​responsibility. A cash payment of the prizes is not possible. Profit entitlements cannot be transferred to other persons. The legal process is excluded.